Find me at UCLA Extension or Musician’s Institute, or Accelerate your learning with a Weekend Workshop.

Courses offered at Musicians Institute 2019

Mentoring, Music Production Workshop, and Vocal Production

Learn the diverse skills needed to write, record and promote your original songs. MI’s Independent Artist Program provides the technical knowledge and professional skills you need to survive as an independent recording and performing artist.

Courses offered at UCLA Extension 2019

Record Production Process

This course provides an overview of the role of the record producer and his responsibility through all the stages of making a record: pre-production, recording, overdubs, editing, mixing and mastering. Topics include, how to use appropriate terminology to communicate effectively with the various members of the production team; sharpening your listening skills so you can incorporate specific elements into your own production; producing for a specific artist's genre of music and how to get the best performance from the artist; how producing a band is different from a solo artist; and how to budget for record production.

You also learn arrangement techniques as well as key vocal production techniques for main and background vocals. Discover the difference between producing a mix and engineering a mix, as well as the different style of mixes that are needed before going into the mastering phase of a project. At the end of the course, you will have gained musical, emotional, performance, and arrangement techniques designed to make your music more compelling.

Weekend Workshops - 2019

Advanced Mixing, Mastering and Vocal Production Workshop - (March 23, 24, 30, 31)

This course provides students the opportunity to deep dive into advanced vocal production and mixing techniques. Various 3rd Party software tools are used during the production / mixing process, so spending extra time understanding both all the necessary tools needed for a radio quality mix is a gap in education for many modern DIY musicians.

This class covers the following topics in a hands on, in the studio approach:

● Project Management / File Systems

● Session Templates for faster recording and Production

● Advanced EQ, Compression, Tuning, and FX for Vocal Processing

● Automation + Signal Flow

● Bussing & Parallel Processing

● Vocal Recording / Mixing Music for Vocals

● Vocal Alignment

● Microphone selections

● Exporting Files between various DAWs

● Time Correcting / Sampling

● Mastering “In the Box”

This course consists of 2 weekends (Saturdays + Sunday), 2 hours per day in my private recording studio. Refreshments will be provided.

Cost is $450 per student, $390 for UCLA or Musicians Institute ALUM. $200 deposit is required before start of class, remaining balance due first day of workshop. Know a friend that wants to go? Refer a friend and $20 bucks off. Easy!

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