Seann Bowe - Studio Rental Proposal


Seann Bowe, seeks to rent Archwood Studio located in Van Nuys, CA once per week, billed month to month for writing / production. No engineer requested.


- Preferred days are Monday or Weds, once per week.
- I can be on-site 2pm on Mondays, 6pm on Weds to help with any technical issue.
- 8 to 12 hour max

- In the case that a client inquires to lock out for a long term project, these session may be rescheduled. Will discuss in advance, and give a reasonable notice for any incoming projects.


- Sessions will be billed at $200/per day, or $800 / Month to Month
- All sessions must be canceled 24hrs in advance or will be billed in full

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I agree to all of terms and conditions above. Lets book a session!