2x GRAMMY nominated music producer, engineer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Jon Brown.
Recording Studio at  Marilyn Monroe’s former Residence (1941-1943)



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Originally making his way as an engineer for Will.I.AM’s recording studio, Jon Brown paved his way as a 2X Grammy nominated record producer / songwriter formerly signed to Universal Music Publishing Group during one of the most transitional times in the current music industry. Jon has over a decade of music industry experience from a creative, technical, small, and big business perspective. His multi-genred approach to production has lead him to working with Top pop artists such as  P!nk, Eminem, in addition to composing original music for top TV shows on Discovery Channel, The Hub Network, American Idol, VH1, and more. Jon’s unique vision for his production and publishing company, Archwood Music, is to create unique content for brands, supervisors, and industry players that see the value in world class artist-quality music to brand their identity. He is also an experienced advisor to the music-tech startup, currently looking to collaborate with new startups in this space as well as  continues to pay it forward by by advising up-and-coming talent at the Musician’s Institute in Hollywood.

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